About Us :

ALAtiah group is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing, exporting, trading and distributing food products, canned food and different kinds of cheese, and the Group also owns several factories in Arab Republic of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and also has several centers for selling and distributing in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain.

We commit  with  manufacturing  and providing  customers and consumers with  food products  and high quality cheese  in the Middle  East and  North Africa at a competitive prices, through:

- Continuity in the supplying and quality in manufacturing, and always keep attention to details.

- Elasticity and diversification in the manufacturing and supplying of products according to the requirements customers and tastes of consumer.

- get to our customers and markets and distributors through an integrated  network of distribution channels and in the appropriate time.

To make our products the best choice for both customers and  consumers, as being of high quality and exceed their expectations  at a competitive prices.